Race Week Day 2 Rolls Into Texas! America's Fastest Real Street Cars

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Drag and drive is full of crazy vehicles, from Pro Mods to flying Fairmonts to outrageous diesel trucks!
Jason Hurley remains the leader overall following a 7.179 pass during the daylight. He was one and done. After his Rocky Mountain Race Week shootout win he is on a roll!
The bad news is that Tina Pierce is out after hurting a rod bearing at Thunder Valley. They are going to fix the car to try and be back on Friday for some exhibition runs.
We are going to be racing at Tulsa Raceway Park on Tuesday after a long drive back up into Oklahoma, the home of Street Outlaws.
By the way, Race Week 2.0 is presented by 1320 Video and those guys also have some fantastic videos of the week, so make sure to check it out and get as much awesome drag racing into you as possible!


  1. The guy with the Steve Morris engine in the Porsche is having the same issue cleetus had and probable needs the bearings that are one or 2 thousandths thicker to improve oil pressure. They had the same issue and Steve fixed it with a bearing swap

  2. Tom, Hire the guy driving the Dodge Cummins pick up. He is articulate, has a world-class voice for TV and he speaks in a language any fan of Drag and Drive would understand. Nice to hear someone not.using double negatives and being clear about their plan to solving mechanical problems and being ready to race the next day.. Guys like this are the fabric of the Drag and Drive community.

  3. Thank you for posting so much great content on your channel . I'm unable to take part in very much for to many reasons so I appreciate that your taking all of us along with your adventures.

  4. Can you show the speeds also besides just the times there was only two spots that I noticed where they did show the speeds real quick and they disappeared went on to the next race it'll be nice to see the speeds they're going

  5. Incredible racing, love this kind of racing. Thank you very much for sharing and please keep em coming. Everyone keep yourselves and love ones safe and healthy and remember to SMILE 😃 😊

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