Race Day, Street Outlaws Style, 252 List Race

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Made it out to Kinston Dragway to try to get on the 252 list this year. This is the first race of the year, we had 34 cars fighting it out to try to be top 10 setting the list. After today, the list initial list will be set and then, once per month the top 10 racers will battle it out trying to gain spots. This is similar to the original street outlaws style racing when they had the top 10 cars. Had a great day at the track, and had lots of fun! Great day drag racing!

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  1. I try to always go with the my first and or gut reaction to a question! But man you drove the 330 feet well! I thought you were going to overstretched and put it in the wall. Great job TJ.

  2. Wait, he was going to slap a sticker on your car and you didn't make him wear a TJ shirt for the rest of the day? hahahhahaha Great race boys

  3. John, Go back and watch the footage….It looks like you got into the debris outta the groove as you got out ab 80/100ft or so. Personally, I think just tightening the front end would've been good enough….but Im not there obviuosly…..I dont like to move weight once the car is working…..unless absolutely necessary….
    Dude, that car can absolutely hold down the #1 there.. Cple more times down that track you will get it dialed in…..

  4. Dude!!!! I’m at work and I’m glad there’s no one in the store cause I just yelled out when you won the first round lmao

  5. I like the way you explain each change and what it does to the car and how it should respond. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

  6. Great footage! Congrats on the win lights! That last pass was a heart-breaker but great job keeping it under control!

  7. Hey tj I looked on ur channel an I can’t find the join button an please don’t start talking about shit without me I’ll send u a pick off my debit card can u figure it out for me please thanks

  8. DANG! Man I just KNEW you had this race after 1st round. You smoked his ass! That car was on a mission! But, you learn from your mistakes and know better next time lol. TRUST your crew lol! You'll get 'em next week!

  9. holy cow bud congrates on the big win bud,green goblins car sounded really mean during his burnout. ur car at the big end on ur race with the s-10 ur car sounded awesome, TJ congrates on enjoying ur life with ur wife much love my freind.peace

  10. No shame losing to that car, top notch car, but I think you woulda had him before it broke loose!!! You just hained a new fan in eastern North Carolina!!!

  11. Just found ur channel. Man when you put the heavy hitter on the trailer i was like OK… You had me locked in and i was pulling for ya. 😆.. And when i heard you say you were making both changes too the front and rear i was like NOOOOOO… And man i feel like you beat urself. You out 60ft the heck out of him til you went left.. But hey you got me hooked now BOSS.. I 👀 you… Best of luck on ur next list 🏁..

  12. Hey man i noticed you drive without racing gloves. You need to get some and wear them just to be on the safe side. Seeing Lyle Barnett getting burnt made a lot of racers wear them now plus put you visor down on your helmet before you stage the car. Safety first. Dont want to see you get hurt especially burnt. Go fast and get some win lights. Love the channel at one of my home tracks i grew up at and worked for as a teenager.

  13. Sweet! Way to go. Keep that down and you will be flying! You’re dancing around and you’re almost on right on it keep up the good work

  14. Turbo John I’m building a 2000 s-10 ls , twin China choo choos and Ive been watching a ton of John co… I mean Doc and one video had you in it and I checked out your channel and I’m hooked man you have certainly earned your stripes man, I watched your blow thru carb stuff

  15. I’ve watched this video at least 20 times. Still gives me the chills. That pass against Brock has to be one of the cleanest the copper car has put to down. Loving the new car content, but I always love coming back to this video. “We gone try today” and you sure did!!!

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