Race Day, No Prep Racing Small Tire (Part 1)

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  1. Watched a lot of passes on Youtube from this car, assuming the front shocks are setup identical, it sure looks like the chassis is twisting right at the hit as the drivers side front wheel is off the ground more than the passenger side. Just opinion mind but between that and when it touches down it could be loading and unloading the suspension (hence movement to the side and wheel spin?).

  2. No testing at the track/spot and straight off the trailer is no prep. They also need to start making these cars either put a front end on or don't run. Some here have had plenty of time to get a front end.

  3. TJ I’m sure you noticed or have been told by one of your crew that it seems to be bouncing a little and tires slightly squeal when this happens as you go down the track.
    I would think you would want to eliminate that but I don’t know for sure. Any ideas what is causing it?

  4. You're turning into my favorite channel since all of my alt news channels have been taken down. Im no racer by any means but Love the real content. Be careful on that slick ass surface. Its making my ass pucker watching ya spin down track

  5. You are driving the hell out of it and, considering the abuse the rear suspension has taken, maybe some of the four link components and shocks are ready for maintenance? Almost sounds like the pinion angle is too high under load, dont ask me how I know. I know you are trying to get the front to extend and stay extended
    to keep the weight transfer. It would be interesting to see a video of whats going on under the back during a hard run. Keep rolling and stay safe..

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