Race Day! Car is running super FAST!

Made it out to Stunnaville for some testing! Was only planning on testing to the 1/8 mile. I didn’t think the Dragstrip was gonna be too sticky, but I was wrong! This was done great radial prep! But my issue, I was on slicks! 😂. Let’s see how it goes and see how these black sheep industries 60mm wastegates work on my car!


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  1. Oops. May have accidentally showed your hand on that pass.😂🤣 Shoulda taken intake charge tube off and make motor pass.🤣😂 JK you just want to race, not trying to just take the money but by earning. As You Do.

  2. What gear would you go with on your car if you were running a TH400?
    I wish that I had some guys with your talents to help get me started here in Kansas. Here, if you aren’t running EFI, it’s much more difficult to find someone with the skills necessary to make it happen.

  3. I've been watching TJ so much for so long I knew it was the crank trigger as soon as it shut off🤣 Glad it was something simple!

  4. Glad to see those Black sheep WG's are workin, we have some local x275 guys switching to them with great success as well, my tial is on its way out and thats next for me.

    I'm just gunna assume youre on c16 here.. have you or any of the guys you go with use barrel e85 (X85 or similar) and what are you guys shooting for timing wise. I know there are a TONNE of variables but I love seeing you video your screen and showing the left side and what youre aiming for. I'm an x85 guy and at 20deg timing at full power and wondering if guys are pushing similar numbers with E as C16 or if youre being a little more conservative with it. Looks like you were around 24ish deg all in.. Just curious. Love the videos and the pre and post walk throughs, not a lot of guys showing that. Been studying your advanced table setup for spool video harder than a college grad exam hahah

  5. Tha new car is REALLY settling in now TJ. 2022 street racing is still early so the class's you run need to BEWARE,, TJ and his NEW 'Stang IS 'IN DA HOUSE!!'

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