R33 Nissan GTR worth over a $1,000,000?? (Super Rare!)

The GTR 400r is one of the rarest GTRs in existence. Only 44 were built, and now just 40 are confirmed to exist. One sold recently for $1,700,000. if that gives you an idea what these things are worth to people. We got to see the ONLY one in North America at SEMA 2021

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  1. I love R33's but these JDM cars are the rage for now. But they will not hold their vaule years down the line no matter how rare. 20-30 years down the line these won't be million+ dollar cars like classic Ferrari's. You'll be lucky to get 100+k for one. One Japanese car that I think will be a pricey collectable down the line is the Lexus LFA.

  2. 11 years ago I bought brand new parts for the 400r direct from Nismo, nice to know that for sure my investment has paid off when sale time comes, 10k for a strut brace wow !

  3. I was blessed enough to get photos of this car in Calgary Alberta Canada in 2017, probably on the “one” drive the previous owner took it on. Incredible machine.

  4. People would hate me if i got ahold of that car. I would drive the fuck out of it 🤣 i know everyone would be mad that im “ruining it” but how else are u supposed to experience that car…not just by looking at it in your garage.

  5. People are so dumb what would possess you to lean or set food on a car when you’re supposed to be a car person. That’s the number one rule. This world is effed I swear.

  6. I think they made 44. It's also not 100% standard, it has Tommy Tommy Kaira rear carbon light covers that look horrible.

    A 400R for sale in the UK as we speak, expected to fetch over 1 million on the open market.

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