Quickest SRT4 5speed in the WORLD!

We knew as soon as we saw the monster turbo and big tires that this Neon wasn’t messing around! Turns out – it’s the quickest SRT4 5speed car in the world! Now that’s BADASS. The car was having some clutch issues this weekend, but still managed to go 158mph in the 1/4mile roll races! That’s COOKIN!
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  1. Yeah the clutch is slippin…. the clutch is slippin. Oh the clutch is slippin. Hey maybe the clutch is slipping. We get it the clutch is slippin

  2. The future of drag racing will most likely be electric cars I feel. Many electronic drag and drift cars are coming out and pulling really high numbers and electric cars havent even been around as long as gas cars.

  3. Does it have a v8? no
    Is it rear wheel drive? no
    If you stopped listening because either of those questions good, because I want to eventually buy a Neon SRT to turn into a drag strip crushing monster.

  4. Neon’s….always the underdog 🤷🏼‍♂️
    I have come to the conclusion that people just pretend like they don’t know, so that they don’t have to admit that SRT-4 powered Neon’s can be really fucking fast…..

  5. Had mine for 10 years. Burnt some exhaust valves so i rebuilt the top end a year later the bottom end went out so i sold it. Got 2 reckless driving tickets in that thing. Ones on my YouTube channel check it out

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