Pro Street Blown drag racing – APSA Sydney

Qualifying and elimination action from round 3 of the APSA Pro Street Shootout held at Sydney Dragway. Features, V8, rotary and turbo 6 cylinder powered vehicles.


  1. Man, that guy is man handling the sht out that car @5.00 and running it thru the whole quarter not backing down!!!That’s driving!!! Hats off to you dude!!!!πŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Great vid, could listen to those blown monsters all day.. If you like turbocharged V8's, you should definitely pop by and have a look at our channel!

  3. sad thing is other than driving in a straight line really fast these cars are useless. they dont steer they dont drive slow they drink fuel …. stupid waste of money

  4. The cars with the blowers out of the hood at the beginning of the video I'm having trouble identifying the cars but I like them somebody tell me the name of the car so I can go and look for one to build

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