PRI 2019: Get An All-New Small- Or Big-Block Engine Block From Brodix

The small- and big-block Chevy have been around for decades. It’s no surprise, as the options to build high-horsepower mills are virtually endless. However, finding a used core in a salvage yard is getting nearly impossible. Thankfully, Brodix has all-new engine blocks available for enthusiasts.

The small block is available in two configurations, and the big block comes with many features that give it a leg up against an OE casting. If you’re ready to build some serious Bow Tie power for your hot rod or race car, then you really need to check out this video from Brodix.

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  1. @brodix Heres a question: Why did you mill the "brodix" logo out of the china wall on my block!? I understand you didnt do it to me personally but if i spent the money to buy your product dont you think I'd like to show off the brand that i bought it from!?

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