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Pininfarina Sergio revealed at Geneva motor show, The Jaguar F-Type gets a starring role and we find Hollywood’s newest status symbol.

Jaguar released a trailer for its upcoming web film, Desire, on Wednesday. It features Damian Lewis, Jordi Mollà, Shannyn Sossamon and the company’s newest machine, the drop-top F-Type. The movie tells the story of a driver named Clark, who delivers cars for a living. He runs into his ex-wife while on a job with the F-Type, and trouble ensues.
The film is produced by Ridley Scott Associates, and directed by Adam Smith. It will hit the Web in April. More details:

Going back to Geneva for a minute: We need to tell you about the Pininfarina Sergio. The car is named after the company’s founder and sits on a platform built for the Ferrari 458 Spider. It has the same powertrain, but about 10 percent less weight, making it even quicker off the line. Pininfarina didn’t actually announce they would sell the concept, but they did say that its factory could easily tool up to build a handful. If you have deep pockets and like the styling, let them know at
More details:

Finally for today, we’ve found the car for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian — and it’s from Hamann. The luxo-tuning company started with a 2013 Range Rover and slathered it in a coat of metallic hot pink. It’s called the Mystere, and sports the same supercharged 5.0-liter V8 as the donor car. A few new panels are clapped on, and voilà: the most ostentatious, feminine, outrageous supercharged V8 you can buy. I can see it now, parked on a stack of broken paparazzi bodies.

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