1. I believe that with her experience that she is going to do well. She knows what she has to do, she is very intelligent and very determined to do it the right way. Hats off to Paige and best of luck always 👏.

  2. Door Cars-from a fans view on YouTube. So I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable from a spectator POV. I am 67 with a life long interest in speed. So besides the obvious of what U can C visually, the times/speed R the second give away. For Instance was a little bit of a surprise 2 C Swan run the times he did. That B N said, it is the difference in what`s under—wht/tires, and now trac prep. Anyhoo, whatever it took this Snowbird from my eyes was really Kool!!! MORE PLEASE!!!

  3. hey guys ! i think its great to see more competative people involved, like paige, i just hope at the end of the day the big money dont push the strugling little guy out the door ! thanks and happy holidays !

  4. And a quick rant cuz I can. As an old street racer, I just can`t justify this street race n popularity. While U dudes on the TV might have a LITTLE respect for the danger of street race n, them kids with there first hot rod have no idea of the risk involved. I cringe when I think back of some of the absolute dumb ass shit, I am lucky 2 still B here!!!

  5. Bringing in big corporation is going to create a consistency of cars going down the track. A lot of cars who notoriously struggle to consistently make it down the track will need to step their game up or be left out. Cars such as Doc, Dominator etc who are woefully inconsistent, could find themselves as spectators.

  6. Come on guys let's face it of course she's going to have to start out at the bottom but she will get called up real quickly because of who she is quit trying to sugar coat this shit

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