Pad Warz 3.0 Street Race Full Coverage Billy the Kid SRC Beater Bomb Ducote Outlaws Drag Racing 2023

Pad Warz in New Orleans 2023 Small Tire Street Outlaws Bobby Ducote Billy the Kid Street Race Channel

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  1. One of these days somebody is going to get hurt really bad by a driver because they don't stand back they stand right on the strip and they're going to try to blame the driver people are so ignorant stay off the track

  2. Should of been up to the person putting on the race. If they didn’t wanna go back to the pad and finish they forfeit there race. Drivers shouldn’t have a say. Person putting on the event makes all decisions. Gotta be that way to run smooth

  3. Thnx U2 for the badass coverage!! Fckn spectators ruined this race. 💯 could have finished this deal, if not for the disrespectful specs!! Every G.D. race…. Get Back Get Back !! I mean when B.J. sets down and refuses to flag… That's a fckn problem!! Was down to 6 of maybe the baddest small tire cars in the land. And fck it let just ruin it for EVERYONE!! Smfh !! Thnx again tho. Always Gr8 work on Y'alls side !!

  4. The Kracken Camaro was laying down some licks !! Dayum!!! Maybe the fastest car on the property imo !! I know Ryan and the Firebird, Billy, Bobby, were all super fast as well. But that damn purple maro was getten it !!!

  5. what kinda jerk off cuke cop can ruiun something like this …. tell him to go home and fuck his wife she is looking for him

  6. I know one thing as fast as Billy has the falcon with the rebuilt motor , I think with all the work him and big Rob plus the new lighter motor the truck is gonna be hard to beat

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