Over 1,000hp of NITROUS?!?!

Doc and the nitrous snuffing big block Chevy STREET BEAST are a well known combo, and one of our favorite pairs from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws! Doc showed up at No Prep Mayhem at Kansas International Dragway spraying more Nitrous in a single pass than some racers do through an entire event, Doc and his Monte Carlo proudly display BIG EVERYTHING. Competing in the Big Tire class of No Prep Mayhem, the STREET BEAST was an opponent you didn’t want to line up against! Spraying well OVER a 1,000hp worth of Nitrous, this BIG Body Chevy is more than surprisingly fast, and even with all that weight it still fought to stay planted down the strip of Kansas International Dragway!
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  1. When I first saw doc on the show he seemed like a dick. I met a bunch of the drivers at a no prep event and doc was the coolest one! Manza was a dick tho!

  2. 10,000 dollars happier but it cost 60,000 to run for the day lol, I hate when they call these cars street cars, they're definitely not going to freaking McDonald's in these cars

  3. I feel like doc never has his shit together lol… every time he talks to 1320 its always "we were struggling last year but this year were hoping to be better" then at the end of the current year he'll say "yea this year wasn't our year but next year will be better" lolololo

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