Our SECRET WEAPON + FIRST DRIVE in the Dodge Lancer GT Drag Build!!

Today we’re revealing x2 of our SECRET WEAPONS for our @Dodge Lancer GT drag build for #RoadkillNights! AND we have our VERY FIRST DRIVE !!!!

Shout out and thank you to eBay Motors for partnering with me on this build! Drag, Drift or Grip…Find parts for whatever you’re building on @eBay Motors !

#roadkillnights // @MotorTrend Channel

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↳C6 Drift Corvette IS DONE!

❌SAY HEY⬇⬇⬇⬇✘  


  1. Bonjour, wouaou, Very Good vidéo with the transmission work, Very well . Very Good Vidéo . And After WE could see All the finality of your work . Mission Accomplie .👏🏽🙌🏽 Congratulation 🏆 . Happy & Happy For You . F² Farid From France peace ✌🏽.

  2. Make sure you run Amsoil in that T56 sis.
    We’ve run it in 5,000+ hp applications and it’s never failed us.

    Colette are you going to be able to access all the switches while you’re belted in tight?

  3. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Five, Six,
    Very Cool, Congratulation 🏆 . Thanks at All For this nice History, Thanks F² Farid From France peace ✌🏽

  4. I love that car, we had one we built for 1/4 mile in drag racing in High School auto shop back in 1975, me and a close friend ended up buying it and racing it for an entire season, we had a blast and learned a lot, the 440 parts were plentiful then, I remember going to a junk yard and buying four 440 engines for $300 so we would have lots of parts, .. we later traded it with some cash to boot for 1965 A990 Hemi Belvidere, and boy oh boy I wish we still had it, they sell for around $220,000 now,

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