1. Gday Christie and Kap. Ive been doin sum research and i rekn theres and underground bunker under that rotunda yooz were sitting near? #AncientKnowledge. Book sounds great! 😍 i will get a copy thanks. Ive been a hardwall plasterer for 33yrs and i just Love old buildings. ❤️🏡 im 50 neow.. 😳 Dream Big and Work Hard! Werds from a wise Man i know. 🎨 Love and Respect from Downunder. 👊🏼 <|;-)

  2. i need to get out there before i die buetifil country i cant spell for shit lol be a good book for you to read ut at the compound at night

  3. hallo sir do you have a job for a retired guy from germany. you could pay with housing in part since you have so much sqare footage. can work a bit on bikes but not as good as it is necessary but think i can learn. already learned much wirking on my own bikes and basicly it reapets, it is much the same from bike to bike

  4. That is truly God's Country, and Ken's Country Too! God always rewards good people, that have kind, loving, genuine, and loyal hearts, and these are the types of people, that always seem to have good work ethics, being hard workers their whole life. God, Never ever gives any of us more than we can handle. If he carries us to it, he'll get us through it. God Always rewards us for hard and consistent work. Sometimes, we might not always see the reward, but when a person works hard to become humble, and they finally get to that level of humility, at God's Satisfaction, you start noticing the smallest things, and learn to appreciate them. You and I sound like we have a whole lot in common , with our past lives, Brother. We seem to think alot alike too. God Bless The Kaplan Family, all of their workers, and the New England Motorcycle Museum. I don't know if those are your words, brother, that your author friend is reading, but somebody has a beautiful talent for writing! Something tells me, that those are your words!

  5. This is literally the best motorcycle shop that exist today nobody does this I respect ✊🏻 the love and passion you guys have for these fire breathing monsters and the love for your town and the mill amen 🙏 kap

  6. Thank you for sharing very much appreciated I'm excited to learn the history and see what it took you to make the museum what it is today, one day I will make it to America and would love to visit. I also loved the part "From that loom we are called to vroom on the motorcycles of our minds" what an awesome line!

  7. koolness ! Dude writes a book about the museum. I gotta have one ! Ken is chuckling inside watching God work in others wanting to be involved. Having faith is awesome !

  8. Beautiful words with sentiment and feeling. I too think that what you have built and continue to build and also having your great family and friends around you is legendary. I hope that what this man has said helps you to continue to work hard and build so many people will benefit from now until long after you pass. Brilliant just brilliant. Long live Kaplan cycles.

  9. God knocks on all our hearts door. It took me a long time to open mine fully. There is an old proverb that before you are born you sit with the Almighty and He asks what you want and what you do for him. When you are in the womb you sing a song over and over to remember your calling ”The Hymn of Pearl” given to you by the Mother of Angels ,Sophia(Wisdom) When you are berthed your eyes open to the illusion and overwhelmed you forget the calling. This is why babies cry at birth. However some will not even if the doctor gives cause to bring breath. These are the true voices guided ahead of the rest.That said not all who wander are lost. Sounds like a good read .Be Well, Harm None, Godspeed.

  10. I am requesting a once a year street ride. That would be epic. Imagine how many people would turn out to ride with you guys around Rockville and the museum?

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