On the line WITH the Murder Nova !!! Street Outlaws No Prep Kings NPK 187 customs America's List

We got a once in a lifetime opportunity to go up with Shawn for his passes at NPK. This was at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana. #streetoutlaws #noprepracing #murdernova #noprepkings


  1. Murder Nova is a Super Car….He put Big Chief to the test and Big Chief squeaked by for the win. Murder Nova's car is maxed to the Hilt all she can take. I keep hearing Shawn say 0 &10 or whatever because he's a competitor…BUT…That cars no slouch and he should be damn proud of her.

  2. J.J. needs to pry open his wallet and get Miss Tricia a motorized wheel chair. Making her wheel herself around that race track is a Bullshit deal.

  3. Glad to see Brandon James back in a car after that nasty wreck he got into. He was lucky to live car was on fire and I thought oh no man get down there.

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