Olympia Motorcycle Gloves Review

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To enter the contest to win a free pair of gloves visit or share the picture in the video and tag Olympia Gloves. (Be nice and give them a follow too). Best of luck to everyone!

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  1. Wish I could wear a good pair of moto gloves!! When hands are 3X, the gloves are too big to use and squeeze things!!.. they should make the middle finger a bright safety color!! For safety reasons only of course!! ✌️

  2. sweet, I am in the market for another pair of gloves but I'll let someone else have a shot at these because I have a pair similar. I actually need something for cool weather riding. thanks for the review and the contest, I'm heading over to Instagram to follow them right now.

  3. I guess Olympia makes some good gloves. I still have a pair of their basic winter gloves that I bought nearly 30 years ago. I still use them for temperatures above 45. For anything lower, I'll stick with my Widder heated gloves, etc.

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