1. Some thing a company like John Force racing or others should consider doing, incorepating a 60 or 70 muscle car funny car body onto one of thier modern up to todate funny car Chassis. Would definately be a welcomed fan boost from thier as i callem BUBBLE TOPPED bodies.

  2. When I was young funny cars looked like this. There was Tommy, Gene, Don, Tom, The Shoe, Roland, Coil, John, Mickey, Jungle I thought I was in heaven……..

  3. I wish everybody could have experienced what it was like in the 70s we had Jungle Jim and Pam the Blue Max Gene snow ramchargers Brutus Ed McCullough Don Prudhomme the snake Tom McEwen the mongoose too many to list. It was especially at night when they would run 100% Nitro and the Flames would go over the roof of the car. of course I'm speaking of Detroit Dragway I don't know how many other dragway's got away with 100% Nitro. 😄

  4. The stands were always packed and they would have burnout competitions and the crowd with cheer on their favorite car. Little Red Wagon Hemi under glass wheelie cars the school bus. Damn what a great time to be alive.

  5. I can’t get over how crystal clear your video is. I don’t know what the difference is between yours and others videos, but yours are like I am actually there!

  6. Its crazy to think a Volvo wagon on drag week ran a 6 second quarter mile this year……lol

    My times have changed, still love these old cars though.

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