Odom Racing GTR vs 405 Racers!

Odom Racing GTR is a new addition to the big tire group that makes up the no prep kings racers. Odom Racing has shown he has a car that can compete against some of the best which includes the 405 racers. Odom Racing GTR is not your typical import instead its a Hemi powered blown combination that propels this beast well into the competive field. Odom Racing didn’t start out racing big tire initially but instead the daily driver class and small tire. Odom Racing quickly did well in the daily driver class. In small tire Odom was racing a more of a small tire GTR setup that did not do too well. But, this did not deter Odom as he got himself a big tire car. He has not look back ever since. Check out the video and see Odom Racing in action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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