Nyce1s – STREET OUTLAWS The Farm Truck VS Humble Performance La Lenta? Who would win?

The Nyce1s crew was on hand at the Annual PRI Show in Indianapolis. We caught up with The Farm Truck AZN & Humble Performance. These 2 sides are all about racing and want to race each other in a classic Import VS Domestic race that would get people going. Which side do you choose? Is your money on the Farm Truck or the all motor Civic from Humble Performance?

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  1. Some guys are high thinking that the farm truck is going to take the civic out, that thing weights a good 8600 pounds and the civic is what 2200 soaking wet, if that civic loses to that truck, it's staged. Street Outlaws don't want imports in their show because they know it would embarrass those guys for sure. Why you think Chuck doesn't use his 8 second civic on the show? Shit, instead of him struggling to make top 5 with the shit mustang, he could of be on top 5 right now with his civic guaranteed!!!!

    it's just like AZN smoking a Porsche, Lambo, and a AWD GTR all 3 races won with that cockroch of a car he has no way in hell can he smoke that GTR like that, sorry I call bull shit on that one. Show is staged set for them to win, plain and simple.

  2. i personally know azn n farmtruck that farmtruck truck for real isnt no joke its pushing lil over 1200 hp for a big ass heavy pickup it can haul ass. trust me i love racing and love both imports and muscle but i would put my cash on the farmtruck truck…

  3. I'm not sure WTF happened to the younger kids today … How the fuck anyone could ever look at a civic and say Man I can't wait to build it into a drag car ? How ? tell Me how can that car possibly provoke that response from anyone ? a Honda Civic ? really ? That's what you see when you think of drag racing ? Holy Christ Man …Now I know they put something in the weed …..

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