NPK Season 5 Race 8 Recap From Tulsa Raceway Park With Murder Nova

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An emotional Tulsa NPK recap

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  1. So sorry about yalls friend. Tomorro is not guaranteed. Lovs u guys for all u do. And jus think about all the people u made smilw when u were dyin inside. Godspeed Mike. Respect to u guys!

  2. Hey, many times you end up seeing coworkers more then your family. It’s hard to not consider some of them at least a good friend.

    On a side note, why’s doc up there’s standing at the line like he’s still relevant and shit. 😂

  3. My condolences to all you guys & gals.! Also glad to see the races!!.. Thanks for sharing with us fans.! Also excited for you to go get your BIG "W"..!! From a Born&Bred Sooner from/in 580.!

  4. Thank you guys so much for recording this! I'm very sorry for your loss. I lost my brother not to long ago, it's hard to put on a front just to get through the day.

  5. Always live life like it's your last second here on earth because it might just be your last second on this earth, it just doesn't make sense to me, why are we here? Why do we have so many feelings? Life would be easier if we didn't have emotions, when someone figures it all out let me know. RIP Mike and don't haunt the show but please visit

  6. Sorry for the loss of your producer but thank you for the film coverage there at the line Shawn I really enjoyed it. You are a great sportsman.

  7. “Bitch that happens here all the time 🤣☠️🤣 the big ones you gotta get in a tunnel” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I died laughing but it’s true here in Oklahoma

  8. This is why I always look a person in their eyes shake their hand as this goodbye may just be that , value those that you have around you and be kind . Condolences to all o the loss of a true friend of racing .

  9. Yea that sux reaper talked-about how good of dude he was. I mean as other drivers had also but you know that like you reaper doesn't sway from stating only exactly what he thinks

  10. I lost my best friend Rick VanGels a month ago. He told me several times one of the highlights of his life was going down to OKC and meeting you at your old shop.

  11. I watched this earlier today on my tv and i just logged on my laptop and wanted to say This is one of the most awsome videos from you that i have enjoyed in a longtime and i enjoy all your videos but the way you covered the sad events of the day and then showed us all the startline chit chat between each other and then the races it self i really thankyou for this video and my condolences to Mikes family as well to you

  12. Hi to all you guys. This was our first NPK event and you all did a great job. Goddd it was HOT. My hubby and I have met you, Phantom and your dad at SEMA so we figured we’d stand back today. Much love and hugs to all that loved Mike. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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