NPK Season 5 Race 13 Recap From Rockingham Dragway With Murder Nova!

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Recap for No Prep Kings in Rockingham!

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  1. Damn! This might be a silly question, but why is the interior so open to the exterior elements? I would think you would want the interior as tight as possible to keep tire smoke, engine fire smoke out. Is it not possible?

  2. It's common Respect and also Common Courtesy for you and the rest of the drivers it's not safe for them to be in the staging lanes for example what if a driver had a break down and was busting ass to get the car back together and then was rushing to get to the starting line to make the next round it could cause a accident or something for example but great job the car is coming around and getting back to it's old standards showing up and doing it's thing

  3. The amount of pride that I felt as a father watching those boys help you guys change that motor.. I'm sure it's an amazing feeling for you guys to have them there doing that. Good job boys

  4. It's a shame you even have to talk about it. First off I can't imagine why a grown man is getting signatures, never understood it myself but beyond that to think you are so special that you can cut the line or you'll be missed if you don't watch the show is laughable. Keep up the good work, sucks you hurt the motor.

  5. Back in the day cuz you guys said that was an old track if it was made back around the '60s and early '70s they didn't think about safety & caution and fans and stuff like that when they built them tracks They put them bleachers right up there where the fans could see and then the fans would run like a mother just to get out of the way of the car that came over the wall right up until the government made them put fence up to help with safety


  7. Lucky that thing blew up like it did especially with Shawn running with his visor up could have been bad

    You say no one really knows there et there but on the last show that aired on tv where Odom made it to the finals he kept saying that someone told him that was fastest pass ever at npk
    Is that just bullshit or is just going off data ?

  8. If it wasn’t for bad luck, you guys wouldn’t have any. It has to turn around for you all. I’m still pulling for you all to win an NPK. It’s going to happen.

  9. Hey Shawn and Phantom, great video as always. It's nice to see you with a bigger crew. Besides Aiden and Dalton, I'm curious where the new guys came from?

  10. Rockingham's my hometown track no they've never had an NpK there before and I hate that I wasn't able to get out there and see you guys I know you guys put on a hell of a show. My dad raced 8th mile bracket and ran 5.30s all day long. It's a good track

  11. “Shaking babies and kissing hands”….. phantom… lol…. I thought I was the only moron saying shit like that lol.
    Big Scott, Findlay Ohio.

  12. Shawn, I dunno how u got her stopped so short with zero visibility…. DAMN good driving brother. Glad you were ok. Sucks about the engine, though…

  13. I’ve seen Shawn at the store by my house. I’ve been behind Phantom in shop truck in traffic. I’ve passed Chuck and Dave in different stores in town. I’ve raced RC cars with Chief. I’ve nodded or waved maybe said hi but never cared to bother any of you. I am a huge fan. Follow the show and your channels. I interact on social media. But I understand stand that you guys have work to do. You also have lives to live. People need to give you the respect you deserve and not be jerks because you can’t or chose not to sign something for them. I enjoy you guys and love your channel. Keep it up.

  14. I will say Shawn is gracious with his time….I met him at Midwest Street Cars in the parking lot….their merch store had people in and out the whole time and he got out of the Manvan and took pictures with myself and another guy….that could have turned into an all afternoon thing….but he still did it….thanks Shawn

  15. You said " know one knows how fast they are going,or et's? I thought you all used draggy's and or your Fueltech software could track that distance…and even the track made time slips available,,no?

  16. That was some Damn Good "Ray Charles" Driving Shawn !!!!✔lmao !✔
    That's OG Instincs !!!✔ Love you guys and the Boys are Awesome!!!!✔
    Ride or Die 187 !✔✔✔

  17. Shawn, don't feel bad at all. As someone that has met you away from the track, you are understanding and very approachable. Keep doing your thing, you will still have fans.

  18. I agree about Signing , i'd rather be able to walk by in the staging lane and get a Hey ! that's all I need 🙂 🙂 🙂 Do what you do 🙂 🙂

  19. The general public sucks man they expect to be treated like their the only ppl in the world don't give a f about nobody but themselves. No fuckin respect.

  20. God as a diehard Browns fan, I need you guys to win one of these almost as bad as I need my clowns to win one. Hopefully soon. Seems like other cars happen to be more consistent. Dont see many turbos win these anymore, I know you dont wanna switch combos buuuuttt, as i say this Lutz wins lol. Irony

  21. I said it wasn’t good! This is my home track….that shits garbage! They polished that turd for yall!!!! WE DONT GIVE A SHIT 😂😂. Ive been on that fence so much of my life. Thats where i fell in love with fast toys.

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