NPK Palm Beach Fl behind the scenes some Peacock Bass fishing ,and getting a fade at barbers edge !!

We head to Palm Beach International for the first NPK race of the year and do a little peacock bass fishing with our friend Wayne Fellows


  1. Bobby seems like a lot of fun to be around!!! I dont know why Birdman didnt want to be friends…

    Bobby, do you ever take the small tire maverick out or did it go bye bye

  2. Hay Bobby…how you doing today….
    Having a good time livin the rock star life style.👍😎,,,,,…nice new rig…
    When ya gonna learn how to….. always on the water and say ya can't swim… SMH..y'all crazy…that's why I watch..🤣😅😂,,,,,

  3. I just recently got out for my first fish of 2022 because our fishing season just started and I was quite successful!
    Love your vids man! I always learn a little from every video you post! Also I would like your opinion on my newest video because I tested my new GoPro hero 10 for the first time!

  4. Bobby I like you but come on man don't be a crying bitch like axman when u get number 1, you were there at americas list u know that rule was same when chief was race master, so dont act like u didn't know! Your number 1 you should always wanna race, please dont be like axman when your number one becase he's a whining pussy

  5. Just wanted to say first I like Bobby and am happy he got to number 1 on America list but, it's not 405 bulshit rule, axman called out kye after losing last year and got number 1 cuz of it. Not a new rule, but now number 1 sits around for 25 races to race again . Bad vote outcome as a fan. But just my half a cent worth. Still congrats on number 1 bobby

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