NPK IS BACK ON TV BUT WITH A TWIST – No Prep News Episode 151

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  1. Hey sim another great video looking forward to seeing npk and the endgame races. I'm pretty sure ft and azn said they were filming that locals only races as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. Locals only is being filmed it was the only thing filmed in Oklahoma when they were there. It’s farm truck and Asian doing locals only so could air with the 405 show.

  3. Hey sim, question for ya, do you get your info from an insider or are you just basing your information off everything that has been going on and everything that has been posted and you just making an observation on it? I’m just wondering because things you have talked about has been put out already on the racers channels

  4. Team Attack and Great 8 needs to be done away with. All that does is allow the leaders to get free test hits (big car data advantage) on the track while the other 30 cars get no test hits. It will never be competitive until they take the playing field back to level.

  5. Awesome , thanks for the heads up. NPK is the only SO show that I really enjoy anymore. I'm hopeful for the new OG show, sounds like it'll be a good one as well.

    Also when it comes to TV ratings that kind of a skewed statistic anymore. Most people I know use internet TV rather than cable. The ratings only reflect who tuned in via cable, not discovery go, or discovery +

  6. Sim, the local only show will be a filler show I believe. So 2 hours of Street Outlaws and 3rd hr being locals only. They did this a few years ago with Boosted GTs small tire races at NPK filmings.

  7. Man up Sim, 1st no more garage filimings to cold, then no filimings because your where sick and now no filimings beause you have your senior year in school. Lol
    I can fully understand if you had a job or a girl friend to deal with.
    Oh ya we are your job! Love ya, just busting your balls.

  8. If I remember correctly they didn't really advertise for the last season of fastest in america luckily my dvr picked it up since I had recorded it the first two seasons

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