NPK Belle Rose Behind The Scenes

NPK No Problem Raceway. Belle Rose, Lousiana.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.
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  1. i think i know why Ryan changing engine in the car and stuff after winning season, he know the limit of this combo, some guys gone be running this next season. Ryan is steep, two ahead keep your good work man "close don't count" like that one.

  2. There was some big words in that one race won t say witch one but I dropt my phone when you kicket his ass. Love the show plz keep it up 405 all the way no matter what.

  3. Drivers may get all the glory, but the race is won or lost by the crew.
    Without a great crew to keep checking, tuning, adjusting, etc. no race is won.
    Congrats on having a great crew backing you up.
    I wish Discovery would release NPK4 to Discovery+ so viewers could watch it also.
    All current SO, NOK, Memphis and NOLA shows are kept by Discovery and sold for extra income. Money ruin everything.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Went to bandimere and watched myself but didn't give it away to nobody told them to watch the show I like the way you guys do the videos you give us everything but the winner I like that part unless of course you guys are the winner then we find out about that and it's all over social media whoever wins after every race and it don't come from the racers

  5. You are The definition of good sportsmanship! Always thinking of others before yourself. My heart was breaking Seeing the disappointed in your face but you still show Jeff how a person supposed to show sportsmanship. Never change Ryan that’s what your fans love about you!!

  6. Ryan, maybe it has been answered at some point, but why do you guys run 1/8 mile instead of 1/4 (1000 ft)? Is it because the speeds would be too high and dangerous on a non prepped track?

  7. Havi is a hell of a crew chief man to say you guys didn't lift that lump out all season is pretty fkn awesome just a testament to your guys programme I mean it don't happen by accident that you be winning shit anyways all the best for 22 to all yall happy holidays and new year 👍🏽🎄🎉

  8. Ryan love your content and I respect how humble you are despite the games that get played and you just move on and careless to be bothered by it I have so much respect for you
    My 4 yr old son reacts to you like you're his super hero we watch your races together and he is all about it it starts with daddy ryan going to gap this guy and ends with he plucked another duck dont ask me hes his own mind lol but outside of your racing and tv I wanted to let you know you bring quality dad son time to my home ty

  9. Always love seeing Justin swanstrom an the swangang crew out there battling along side the fastest no prep racer in yourself love the combination and congrats on winning the championship this year sir. You've got 1 hell of a crew an car

  10. Man you beat 98% of them from start to finish with this combo with the older engines. You beat justin,lizzy & kye from about 100ft to you think the liberty will make you faster from start to finish?.if you could get a little better 60ft and a few MPH out the back while keeping your middle speed part failure would b the only way u lose..can you do that with current trans or a lenko maybe?the liberty concerns me because Justin eat prochargers every race..Bruders fought prochargers, trans issues and tire shake all season…either way I feel season 5 you've got to be faster than ever!!! But you the man for the job

  11. Have you considered changing the nose on your car to get it a little more areo friendly. Scott's looks a little slicker also the promods are nice and slick but still still look the same with 3D stickers and you could still put your headlights in them

  12. One last there room in your car to get the engine back a little farther being it was originally built for twins and could you cut some more weight off it??

  13. Discovery could learn a thing or two from you and your crew. At least from an automotive guys perspective you guys are way better to watch. Thanks for the ride along.

  14. My bro Justin definitely had u on your tippy toes brother, lol ….nothing like a great fkn races guys …, gota love the shit for sure, awesome, congratulations everyone, while deserved guys! !!!!!!

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