No Trailer Cash Days: Is this the comeback of the real deal street car????

We hit the streets of Mexhio for a small cash days and grudge event. Slow car no trailer action! Spoiler alert, someone was a little quick on the light. Hopefully this is the NEW beginning of the true street car. Will we see a rematch of the Malibu vs the Mustang?


  1. If yall are going to try to save your dieing youtube channel yall need to do it respectfully and do not show bill and billys content before they get the chance to. Im sure yall made sure to put your video out before them because yall know not many people would watch yalls video after seeing bills and billys. Bill was just talking the other day about people trying to get youtube success by basically steeling their content right out from underneath them by showing it before they can. Have some class fellas its very disrespectful. be glad they even allowed you to even be involved, keep stealing their content and you may not be invited again There is no honesty stealing an sharing other peoples content An trying to make a name off someone else!!!You need to focus on your own races and create your own content and dont spoil Bill or billys!!!

  2. Loved watching that coyote get gapped by that small block chevy mainly because people make such a big deal about these new cars and how fast they are!!! Nova is a beast too πŸ’ͺ

  3. No trailer is how we used to do it. I'm from Detroit, it's different here.
    We used to go to an event in Norwalk and drive our Oldsmobile's there. They always put me out front to lead the pack on the trip down because I had the deepest gears (4.30s). I'd run it at 3900 doing 74mph but nobody could keep it up so I'd have to slow down, lol. Usually had on average 15 cars on the road.

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