No Prep Truck Action in Texas!

Street Outlaws live no prep kings event was held in ennis, texas. In the event it includes a small tire class that a couple of trucks showed up and showed out. First up is the cyborg turbo s10 that had good runs but just didn’t have enough to win the whole event. But, it was entertaining to watch this truck make passes as it kept the racing interesting. Next we have a texas legend in will bill. Wild bill drives a twin turbo truck that has the turbos mounted in the bed of the luv truck. Wild bill did really well in this event and went rounds. Up next we included a orange s10 named code orange. The orange s10 was a nitrous setup that was running well but ran into trouble as the rounds went by. Overall, it was an exciting event to watch and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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