No Prep Kings Shake N Bake Blown Terror at Winter Meltdown No Prep

Cody Baker is the driver of the shake n bake blown camaro. We managed to chat with him about his car. And we follow him as he was running in the big tire class at winter meltdown no prep which took place in san Antonio texas. The surface was scraped to bare concrete and the big tire class had trouble getting down this surface. This time last year cody baker crashed his car. Will he repeat history or redeem himself? Check out the video and see how well he does. For more no prep racing coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. This is Jeremy from dayton, I'm not much into hair dryers, I hav no hair , the roots blower sounds so much cooler anyways , much stronger in my opinion, lesser maintenance than NOS , and very tunable

  2. That blower was made 2 miles from my house.Jan Cen/Mike Janis is a staple in our area for motorsports of every kind.Atvs sleds utvs and 4000 hp blower motors.

  3. Please tell me that was a hippie loose weave wool beanie on top of her head and not her hair, she can't be this much of a sorta "Hot in a crazy, I better sleep with one eye open and one foot on the floor, Mess" kinda way

  4. Does anybody else fill like I do about people standing around behind the cars if something breaks on one of the cars somebody will get hurt I'm not saying I don't like watching them race

  5. If u guys go on Cody bakers shake n bake Facebook he posted the new rules for season 4 no prep kings I read that anyone that is powered with a musi nitrous engine is to add 100 pounds and I heard they changed the wheelbase rule to 110 inches and they changed the tire size max to 33 inches and they banned the lockup transmissions

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