No Prep Kings Season 4 vs Season 5 RULE CHANGES

Reviewing the weight changes, protest rule, points structure and MORE!!!


  1. Hey Steve, cheers on 20k 👏👏 do you know what ever happened to Megaladon? Was one of my favourite cars…edit: you’re actually at 22k 👍

  2. Congrats on 20K Steve 👌🏻. How does the great 8 points system work overall ? Surely it gives no chance or incentive for the lower guys to chase the championship if it's already over after 5 or 6 races ? The top 8 have an extra chance at free points over the strugglers at every race is that right ? 🤷

  3. Ole Chuck got in Swanstrom’s head on that race…in a big way. Not a big Swanstrom fan either way so I thought it was hilarious. Chuck was still taking shit at the end of track while they picked up their chutes.

  4. Eric Bain has weight plates on his car. No wonder why he stays in great shape. Once the race is done and they need to make any fixes, they take the weights off the car and he lets the crew work on the engine while he gets his swoll on lol

  5. There should be a Chuck rule. Every time that little ish pulls some sh!t, he gets slapped until he's balling like a baby…lol

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