Nitrous Drag Jeep Vs Built Corvette Z06

Race Family, Welcome to week 4 or our Drag Jeep videos. In this video we faced our toughest competition. I was hoping to crack into the 10’s with 150hp worth of nitrous but instead hurt the engine in the process. I’ll make the required upgrades and get after it again.
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  1. Ayyyyyyye race fam!!! Dude so sick, she’s hooking up that’s for sure gives me goosebumps to my feet just watching I couldn’t imagine being there. Good luck brother keep them coming!

  2. RACE FAMILYYYY! I’m here for any content you post, Jeep/Supra or whatever!! It’s always super enjoyable and gets me HYPE.

    Sucks about the Jeep but that just means it’s time to build it better and stronger. Turbo Jeep ?😂

  3. I know you want to 2JZ swap the Jeep, but a V8 gives it so much character. You also already have a 2JZ drag monster, it be cool to have something different on the channel. Just my 2 cents

  4. Saw you at the track 2 weeks ago, pretty cool Jeep. My bet is you broke a ring land on at least 1 piston. Couple questions:
    Did you retard the timing for the nitrous runs?
    Did you switch to a colder plug for the nitrous?
    Wet kit or dry kit?
    Do you run a nitrous controller, or just hit the button?

    I just added nitrous a year ago, spraying a 150 shot on a stock bottom end 302 Mustang with no issues after probably 75 1/4 mile passes, but I have my MSD box pulling 5* of timing when the nitrous is activated, and after reading several sets of plugs, I settled on 1# colder on the plugs (NGK-8s). I also have an Edelbrock controller and have it set to launch on 50% nitrous, and ramp it all in by 1 second. Helps ease the initial hit off the line. Best ET is 10.22 on the same night I saw you 2 weeks ago. Good luck, hope you get it fixed. I have almost all my videos on my YouTube channel Flcracker9

  5. after watching this a second time I can't help but imagine what this would look like painted OD Green and the NX bottles get custom fitted domes at the top to look like cage mounted rockets 😂

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