1. @Odenkay Try it yourself. It's a lot more complicated than driving in a straight line. You wouldn't even make it through two days of training school. There are women who drive nitro cars but you're too scared to drive your passenger car over 65 mph.

  2. Can't understand all the racist comments and hatred for the sport. NHRA is better than all of you shit disturbers combined. Great video!

  3. Top fuel Drag racing is the Corporate Bullshit we have to put up with just to drag race at National events But we know who and what the very backbone is in our sport AND IT'S NOT TOP FUEL wannabe Celebrity's named Ashley Britney Cortney ……

  4. To each his own. You can't make people like something, we like what we like. NHRA top fuel champion Antron Brown is the first Black motor-sport champion. It is all about race though…… racing. tick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  5. If that is true even better. but NHRA stated that Brown was the first north american champ of African lineage. I saw the Dunn and Reath car back in 74. it jumped sideways in the first round never made it down the track. we were at irwindale.

  6. One of the big probs with drag racing is the people who cannot even write a coherent sentence and have to use four letter words all the time.  They make the sport look bad for those of us with a brain in our head.

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