NHRA Top Fuel drivers Leah Pruett and Clay Millican

We went top notch interviewing NHRA Top Fuel drivers Clay Millican and Leah Pruett debug the PRI Show Indy.

We talk with them what it’s like to go 300+ miles an hour, their favorite part about a run and Leah talks about her new husband, NASCAR champion and owner Tony Stewart

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  1. If I were younger and smaller I would run Bonneville Salt Flats for you. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember when the King and Bobby Isaac would run each other.

  2. The last time I saw this 71, was their show car coming to Rockford Speedway in Rockford Il when I used to work there for Hugh Deery. That particular car was a darker almost maroon metal flake. They took it out on the track to roll around for a few laps, and the engine grenaded. Talk about smoke. We all had a great laugh, Love these things. My brother had a regular 69 Charger. Ah the memories.

  3. Clay is the greatest ambassador for not only NHRA, but racing in general. Such a gentlemen. Great to see Leah also. She building a great team for TF.

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