NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters Las Vegas Friday Night qualifying round 2

NHRA Full Throttle Series – Las Vegas Nationals. Top Fuel Dragsters Round # 2 night qualifying on Friday October 29th, 2010. Out of thirteen runs in this round these are the first six. The view was from the spectator stands at the 100 ft mark.


  1. @topfuel567 Thanks for watching and commenting. I used a Canon HF11 for this vid. Nitoamerica uses a cam close to this but whereas he has mastered a tripod these were not…stands were shoulder to shoulder and I was hand holding these runs .

  2. Beautiful camera and camera work mate. The Rails well they speak for themselves. 3.97s I think I saw on one of them. and the 3.85s. WOW I say WOW. I read somewhere that these use more fuel than a 747, something like 9-10 gallons on the 1/4 mile. Sheer bliss mate. Cheers for that! Smiles from ear to ear.

  3. @XR6coon Thanks for watching and commenting! These guys really shake the house for sure. I believe they can burn up to 23 gallons of fuel on warmup, burnout, stage and run but that was when they ran 1/4 mile. Should be less for the 1000 ft they run now.

  4. Damn you're good at recording. You'd be surprised in how many people record this vertical. And many people make me seasick with how much they shake the camera.

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