NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Walk Around with Antron Brown

NHRA Top Fuel racer Antron Brown stopped by the Powernation studios to talk about the technology and engineering inside his race machine. He shares his secrets of what makes his cars perform at the top level and the improvements that kept him safe during his big crash. Plus, how his long relationship with Matco Tools and its distributors inspired him to start his own business, AB Motorsports.

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  1. I have followed Antron Brown since pro-stock motorcycle. He is such a great guy. He is my favorite drag racer and I'm so happy he has his own team now and I hope it does very well. Best of luck Antron & God Bless.

  2. I was a distributor. Didn’t last long lol but hey, AB is a legend!!! I’m sure he will succeed, he has the personality, drive (no pun intended) and of course the funds to keep it alive.
    Best of luck!

  3. AB is a class act. I hope he is as successful in his business as he is behind the wheel, There is no reason why he shouldn't be, he has all the tools he needs.

  4. Antron made a deal with the devil. Ashley's money is crooked dirty stolen money. Disgusts me these guys have no morals. I used to be an Antron fan. No more.

  5. Antron always been on POINT and so glad this brother is going forward consider how they denied, deprived US for so many years. Right on to the Sponsors encourage to own his business. Also, much love to his CREW MEMBERS remembers together teamwork NOTHING CAN STOP YOU THEN.

  6. Chrysler big block Hemi V8 power on Nitro. 500 cubic inch block milled from a billit of aluminum with no water jackets. Push Rod 2 valve Hemi Head. Double rocker shafts, 2 spark plugs per cylinder just like the third Gen Hemi V8. Two 44 amp magneto's for spark. 42 injectors. 338 MPH in less than 4 seconds. Approaximately 11,000 H.P. Not a big enough dyno to test it.

  7. Thanks, a most impressive overview. I have loosely followed NHRA for over fifty years and continue to be blown away by the stunning progress. Thanks again for the quick update. Back when I began following top fuel, 2k HP was the quoted output. 2k HP was enough when sitting behind the engine.

  8. Antron Brown is a great down to earth guy. I can remember back when he was on 2 wheels making a name for himself. His personality and drive hasn't changed one bit.

  9. Antron Brown is a very down to earth brother met him at Ennis motorplex it was pretty cool to talk to him wish you many more success to come Antron Brown for 2022 and beyond,

  10. Been watching him since he started racing prostock bikes ,always loved antron just a true class act great on bikes and top fuel a true sportsman in drag racing.

  11. A/B is a Top Man and Driver Drag/Racing from when i 1st went 2 at Santa Pod Racway in 1976 has come a long way So has NHRA .. Greetings From UK

  12. I've met antron at the Sonoma nationals and he is one of my favorite nhra drivers. Very personable, nice and will autograph anything and will take a picture with you. Can't wait for the 2022 Sonoma nationals.

  13. I'm a Brittany fan, but Antron is cool, can't stand little Stevie Torrence. Cameron Ferre should have knocked little Stevie's teeth out when he was attacked by little Stevie.

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