NHRA Pro Stock at the World Doorslammer Nationals Full Eliminiations

The 500 cubic inchers of NHRA pro stock were down in Orlando at Orlando Speed World for a $75,000 shootout. The Drag Illustrated World Doorslammer Nationals pitted the top names in pro stock against one another for a new first in drag racing. This video is a perspective from the stands as well as having the tower announcing audio. Something a bit different from the many other great videos captured that day. From pre-race to the final round, it’s right here. Thanks to Strutmasters.com!

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  1. Pro Stocks are not Doorslammers. A Doorslammer has a metal roof and rear quarters. A Pro Stock is close, and it does have doors(carbon fiber) but definitely not what is considered a Doorslammer. A Doorslammer is what you see at Drag Week. The beauty of Doorslammers is the diversity of the cars. Going down the row of these Pro Stocks is they are nearly identical. You could swap out the graphics and couldn't tell one from the other. I love Pro Stocks. I also love Doorslammers. They are just two different animals.

  2. it is amazing to me to see how far away from Stock that NHRA has decided to let this go. there is zero relevance with an actual car. this is basically funny car now

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