NHRA Pro Mod Driver Starter Kit

NHRA’s proposed rule change for 2018 allowing lock-up converters in nitrous-powered Pro Modified’s virtually eliminates the use of a clutch in the class.

Now that the majority of participants of all combinations in NHRA Pro Mod will rely on electronics to control every aspect of the vehicle, we decided to create the NHRA Pro Mod Driver Starter Kit.

Please watch the FULL video below for a complete overview.

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  1. Why do you get a choice of soda but not the chips??? Cheetos are gonna stain up your gloves!! 149.00 is too cheap, we’re only a month or two from it costing that much at the grocery store.

  2. Just watched this. Yep you hit the nail on the head. I stop going to the drags .to clinical. I watched another of your videos, where you say ,if ya cant fins ya way to the start line you shouldn't be driving.Great stuff. I get more laughs an enjoyment from your videos, than going to the track. I.ll keep watching. I do understand it's not all jokes an you take your safety seriously.

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