1. Too bad nhra has been on life support for years now. It's no secret a Schumacher or force car will win and pro Camaro is a snooze fest. Something needs to be done at the management level because this may not be enough to save a once great racing association.

  2. NHRA isn’t on life support. They are a dead corpse that is dragged out and displayed on TV. Even the best young race announcer around, Brian Lohnes couldn’t breath life into the rotting corpse.

  3. I'd like to see the small tire/drag radial stuff like Radial vs the world, x275, pro 275, outlaw 10.5, etc. type of racing get some TV time.

  4. Honestly NHRA is just not interesting any more. Steaming events are better racing, and more interesting drivers, better car mix. At least with pro mod you have a mix of power adders and cars. Slow the TF categories down and go back to 1/4 mile, be more interesting other than who smokes the tires or blows up. Pro stock is just snooze bar. At events that’s when people go get a beer.

  5. for the NHRA to rise from the dead, in which they are very close to, they seriously need to look into what tracks they can go back to 1/4 miles. Not all NASCAR tracks are the same, not all tracks need to be 1/4 mile, but the ones they can run and be safe, they need to do so.

  6. NHRA was headed to the grave when they let Force get away with cheating at Indy in 2009 to get his son in law in the countdown! They deserve what they get! Their new sponsor Camping World has a clause they states NHRA has to build their fan base, meanwhile it has been shrinking for many years…as obama once said, it would take a magic wand!

  7. Used to watch Diamond P Sports with Steve Evans almost every Saturday and Sunday in the 80s. Was the greatest. Other than that it's a rare thing to see a big smokey burnout on mainstream network tv. Steve

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