NHRA Extreme Crashes & Explosions!

These are the crashes from July 25th to September 20th! Enjoy!

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  1. Believe it or not, these hobbies advance military and civilian safety technology and technique. By blowing them selvs up and lighting their asses on fire…for fun.

    I hate it when I get lit on fire when my 10k horsepower motor goes off like a howitzer ap round. I love it when the developed technology let's me walk away.

  2. In 2018 My family went to Wild horse pass for the weekend and I got to see tommy John blow up on Saturday I think and on Sunday I saw John force blow up whith joined linberg. It was fun 😁😁😁

  3. 1:39 those brakes were glowing brighter than my future. at those speeds without parachutes trying to stop with disc brakes is about as pointless as pissing on a light socket

  4. Why don't they make the emergency run off go up hill like big truck run offs. Or maybe the same thing on how jets stop on aircraft carriers.

  5. So you can tell by the comments most people have been fooled into believing the human body is this weak thing. Mostly because cars on the street the fatalities we see in patients are definitely lower than 20yrs ago because of side curtain airbags as well as seat airbags. Airbags in your street car are literally a head and neck restraint system. We kept having fatal crashes from the head not being seat belted so we added air bags. Racing uses Hans and hybrids with containment seats. We realized the human body is so much more robust than we thought 30yrs ago. We had this attitude saying “why even wear a Hans these speeds are too fast it won’t help” we were so ignorant on how many Gs the human body can withstand and walk away if properly restrained and contained. It’s so sad seeing the impacts and have drivers get out fine when I just treated a fatality 3 nights ago in a 65mph impact. It’s like shit if we had better restraint systems in street cars so many people would be alive.

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