NHRA Drag Racing John Force Crash

This was one of John Forces major accidents which happened in Memphis in 1992. The car explodes into a fireball against Al Hoffman and crosses into his lane where John hits the barrier and into the sand trap causing the car to flip.


  1. holy f*cking crap he acually got up again
    hes more then lucky!!
    you have my nr1 crash vote XD man o man o man gotta se that again and again for the next week
    lucky is just a word pffffffffffff

  2. also his funny car back then wasn't a Ford Mustang GT like the current ones; it was a '92 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME,which looks were still reminiscent of those nostalgic floppers from the 70's

  3. I also thought it was funny how the narrator says, "Its the National Funny Car semi-finals", as if funny cars only race once a year. the narrator this show uses probably does not watch drag racing and the researchers and script writers obviously DID NOT do their job, making the poor unaware narrator sounding like an idiot…

  4. I was at this race, when they drove by the grandstands he and his car was on a rollback and his fire suit was so black all you could see was Johns white teeth as he smiled and waved to the crowd. He is a NHRA Legend.

  5. i watched him crash once and his car was all totalled, he's all jacked up.. asks "did I win?" as they help him out of the wreckage. he's hard core.

  6. ahh let's see i found about 7 things he said wrong

    1. not a "national" fc semifinal
    2. not a dragster
    3. not yet reached 7000hp
    4. not a mustang (oldsmobile cutlass)
    5. doesn't burn jet fuel
    6. funny cars haven't reached 300mph yet
    7. that's kb's crew

  7. This man has been though a lot. Keep the shiny side up John.He really puts on a show though every run. I just seen his outfit on the freeway yesterday In Spokane area on the way to Seattle. Go get 'em John and Ashley. Be quick and safe.

  8. The media has'nt a clue in regard to facts! The average race fan has'nt a clue either. John Force is legendary. The media does'nt know that!. The media is a joke. Ever watch the 6;00 news? Laughable, pathetic, nonsense much of the time!!.

  9. I remember when the body bursted off of Tony Pedrogon's car at the Gatornationals, he was ok but some stupid person next to me in the bleachers was having a panic attack thinking that he was for sure dead!

  10. @nhrafanomina28 actually, Force holds the national -should it be WORLD?- ET record [4.665 seconds] as well as the highest/fastest speed ever recorded in the series [333.58 mph], according to the NHRA itself

  11. @68SSCAM one thing i have to say……. Yes that was a bad crash! and Yes the commentator is a dumb fuck! The first thing i heard him say is that john force was in a mustang???? he didn't drive a mustang till 98'!!!! this was in the Oldsmobile years (early 90s). Nitromethane is Not jet fuel…. jet fuel is almost like kerosene… and at last…. no one is contesting that it was a bad wreak! i think we can see that! I no longer will watch Spike TV, simply because they are dumb fucks!

  12. Yeah the announcer was Stacy Keach. He didn't know jack about funny cars. But you have to give him a pass cuz hes a washed up actor / dopefiend.

  13. One slight problem . . . that is not a Mustang, as Force started racing mustangs in 1997, that is an Oldsmobile Cutlass, which Force started racing when he gained Castrol as his aponsor.

  14. John Force congratulations to the 16x funny car champ . Keep it up an many more to go he has a real good group of guys on his teams. Mike Neff. an I would like to see Courtney Force win this year she deserves it

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