NHRA Behind the Scenes – A plane hit their scoreboards so they had to lower them!?

We filmed the NHRA Finals this year for the first time! The first video of many we bring to you is some behind the scenes of how things work! It’s interesting to see how the entire operation works and we give you guys a bit of insight on the different classes of NHRA and how they work. We hope you find this as interesting as we did and gets you pumped for the coming videos from this event!

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  1. I actually had the chance to meet John Force and his daughters when they were doing the races in Phoenix, AZ. It was very odd when I got a picture with him, he was super out of it and not paying attention at all. Great to get to meet a legend of these races.

  2. One of the best times I had filming was at the NHRA, met some of the coolest, richest, friendliest, loudest, funnest, you get the picture, it was a BLAST! Definitely would love to film there again.

  3. My dad and grandpa both race super stock and I race jr. Dragsters and will race in stock. NHRA is the most professional racing ever, but also the most fun. At least in the sportsman side of it it is. I would pay more attention to the sportsman racers, they’re usually really nice and if you talk to them for long enough, will prolly invite you to dinner to eat with the group that goes out. They are easily some of the best people I have ever met.

  4. One of the best videos yet. I am an old drag racer from the late 60s early 70s. To see the advancements made is really awesome. I wish we had some of the camera gear back then. I have some still pics taken that show the old pit setups at Connecticut Dragway. Miss those days.

  5. I love me some cacklefest! Grew up in the 80s and 90s watching some super cool old dragsters out there revving their nitro hemis. Crazy 2 engine all wheel drive cars from Tommy Ivo and Don Prudomes early cars and you name it. I’m glad they still do that for the kids to appreciate!

  6. Enjoyed the video. I am an old timer photog and race fan. I used to go to the track in Baytown on Friday and shoot the wheelstanders (stock and super stock), then watch Pro Stock qualifying and leave before the traffic got bad! 🙂 This is their last year because the lease ends on the land.

  7. 400 monitors, 12 cameras for the same 12 views, and 10-12 graphics overlays. Seems like less than 10% of those screens and people are needed tbh

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