New VW Golf R vs AMG A45 – DRAG RACE *The Truth!*

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How’s this for a hot hatch showdown – new Volkswagen Golf R vs Mercedes-AMG A45 S!

On the face of it, these two cars have a lot of similarities. They’re both hot hatches (obviously), they both have AWD, and they’re both powered by 2-litre turbocharged petrol engines.

However, that’s just about where the similarities end! Starting with the Golf R, it can produce 320hp & 420Nm, while it weighs in at 1,551kg. As for the A45 S, well that can produce 421hp & 500Nm, but it also weighs more than the Golf R, tipping the scales at 1,660kg.

However, there’s one key difference between these hot hatches – the price! While the Golf R costs just over £39,000, the A45 S rolls up with a price tag of over £57,000!!

So is it worth it? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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  1. Hey guys & girls – we're sorry for the poor audio quality in this video. Unfortunately, Mat's microphone decided to fail! 🤦‍♂️

    Hopefully you still enjoy this awesome hot hatch showdown! Which would you choose? Let us know below!

  2. I’m starting to the think the Gold R press cars weren’t completely stock. Other than when they were first released, the golf R’s always put up slower numbers than before. Seems fishy to me

  3. I test drove the A45S today, it was really nice, feels like a gocart. It stood between that and a used C63S, i realized today that i want the C63S, yes the A45S is really fast but its just not as raw as C63s, Also after 100km/h iits not as explosively fast as i felt the C63S was. And i dont know but you dont feel the speed. i was at 150kmh in the city and i did not feel that i was going that fast. Its way to easy and safe. Also i found out i dont really care about the wide new infotainment displays as much as i thought i would. For me its a used C63S on my buy list. Because 1 its cheaper used 36k euroo vs a45s 68k euro. And 2 i think its way more fun and raw, and more room to tune the engine to 7-800 hp. The sound left ALOT to desire, it sounds extremely nice for a 4 stroke engine believe me but compared to V8 sound its just on an entirely different level. Im just gonna say dont look at youtube videos when deciding what car you want go test drive it and only then will you know, you will see how the power delivery comes, how it feels, even though this one is faster to 100km/h its not the same power delivery at all, C63S is like a wild animal compared to a45s.

  4. Mat, you must compare the old version of Mercedes a45 with the golf 8 R instead of the a45s, it would be fair compare looking for the HP numbers ✌🏻

  5. The most important test for me is the mid range acceleration. It shows you what the car does in real life, when you want to overtake someone, or push the pedal from 30 to 70.

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