NEW TURBO KIT ! 1320 Top Mount B Series Turbo Manifold VS Racing 58/55 Ball Bearing Billet Ef Civic

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  1. The encoder motor has a position sensor in it that goes bad. Can put take it apart and put that in instead. For some reason, TPMS sensors do NOT like aftermarket wheels. Not sure what it is w/ GM trucks and aftermarket wheels. That may be the reason they were gone. Trailer could be the module, or the huge relay under the bed or the controller in the dash. I personally would try the relay 1st.

  2. I talked about coming up there and hanging out with you doing some training with Roxy…but with you talking about how cold it is no way my texas ass would freeze🥶

  3. Hey Hunter, from experience with PLM and 1320 top mounts I had the PLM crack at head flange in several places and on my top mount v band 1320 not one problem at all.

  4. Lets see the Duramax work always want to learn and sir you are a good explainer and teacher. Would love to see a step by step on the headlight Intake setup aswell. Im at the age too where I'd rather the truck work as it should than look cool! Keep up the good work!

  5. I found a lot of times on the internet people will speak negatively on something because of what they heard, not personal experience.
    That manifold is sweet and will be fine, if it ever does crack, weld it up problem solved.
    Throw the encoder on the Duramax, Chevy was notorious for bad encoders thru the 2000s. They can be repaired but I usually replace.

  6. Let me know how your 1320 manifold works out. And dont pay any attention to the haters. I have owned my 1320 for 3 years and not a single crack to date. What's that tell you? Huh? I mounted a GT3582r duel ball bearing on mine with no clearance issues at all?? PS. I pet rescue dogs and i love your little roxy! Thank you for putting a swaeter on her and please dont forget to never leave coolant laying around. If roxy gets into it the etholeglycol will destroy her liver and kidneys! God bless my good man

  7. in general u get what u pay for broski and tbh i never heard bad about any 1320 products but there will always be haters so to each there own but personally i dig it bro rad build and good vibes brotha …. peace n love bro

  8. Hell yeah man, you make it work. I don't see an issue at all about the first runner. People always have to have a negative review on second hand experiences that they heard from someone who heard it from someone else lol.

  9. Anyway you can turn right off the turbo and come out the frontish to the intercooler it like A 45ish then thru the core support with a u turn into the intercooler? Just an idea

  10. Be careful with that truck if it’s leaking coolant around Roxy, or any animal for that matter. I seen a dog get into antifreeze and it had to be put down the next day it got very sick and shut the dogs kidneys down. It was awful!! The animals love it because it smells sweet to them.

  11. The only difference between the YS1 and S80 And every other 94+ hydro trans is the throw out bearing iirc. That’s the only difference when you buy a 92-93 cable trans clutch kit vs a 94+

  12. God damn that manifold looks fucked oh no god 😱 shit i could not do that if i were you 😂 but ya got to do what ya got to do i guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. From experience the PLM shit will crack and break at every flange it can find. 1320 stuff does seem to be much better fabricated and the tubing is much thicker as well.

  14. Hey hunter Im also building a b18b1 in a 1996 civic coupe, hope you or someone can tell me,is there a better turbo manifold thst yoi dont need to heat up and smack? I’m really considering getting this turbo,what oil lines would you use to make this turbo work ? Would a universal eBay oil return/feed line kit work ? Or if there’s a link you can provide me I’d infinitely appreciate your help. Funny thing is I was just looking at those 1320 manifolds and was thinking to myself if it’s good or not,glad to hear it’s a good buy! Love your channel man you share some priceless knowledge.

  15. Mfs don’t know what they’re talking about lol 1320 headers are fantastic. I’ve had an all motor UEL header on my b20v for years with no issues and it’s the best sounding Honda I’ve ever heard IMO. I also opted to go the UEL turbo manifold route as well and it’s been holding up just fine

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