New Toyota Hilux v VW Amarok: DRAG RACE

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Who’s ready for a Toyota vs Volkswagen pickup truck showdown?! We’ve got the new Hilux going up against the Amarok!

So how do the stats for these two compare? Well starting with the all-new Hilux, it’s powered by a 2.8-litre 4 cylinder diesel which can produce 204hp and 500Nm of torque. It weighs around 2.1 tonnes, and when new, will set you back about £40,000.

As for the Volkswagen, well that’s powered by a 3-litre V6 diesel, and as a result, it can put down 258hp and 580Nm of torque. It’s slightly heavier than the Toyota, at 2.2 tonnes, and it also costs slightly more, coming in at £43,000.

So the VW clearly has more power, but will the extra weight drag it down? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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  1. Volkswagen is not good at building pickup trucks .It's like an oversized Golf on the interior, with a loading bed behind it. Technically no good with DPF filter and clutch. Volkswagen better leave pickup trucks to USA. They know how to build a real pickup truck. Just look at the GMC Sierra AT4. Volkswagen is a joke compared to that. Also the parts on Volkswagen are much lower quality. USA cars last much much longer. Toyota is not bad either, but the looks can be improved.

  2. I got the Toyota local caravan dealer bought the VW and it spent 3 months being fixed VW problems with DPF……..Caravan dealer said he wished he would have bought the Toyota just saying.

  3. VW Amarok faster than Toyota Hilux? But are there any VW Amarok at Coal Mines or anything, well Toyota Hilux already experience any of torture.

  4. there is no comparison to be made. the Amarok is a v6 turbo diesel and the hilux is a 4 cylinder. for my part the Amarok had to be in competition with the V8 land cruiser from Toyota

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