New Street Show Hosted by Big Chief – Street Race Talk Episode 314

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  1. Ribs marinate them and orange juice then add pear juice then bbq them how ever you usually do. Juice breaks down the hard fats and makes them softer

  2. Reaper just asked his followers to send photos of their cars for a chance to be on a back of the track NPK small tire race at each NPK event, the cameras and crew are there anyway, so its the perfect time to do a show like that , and I am sure there is something brewing between Billy the Kid and Chief , and i think its a small tire NPK deal, as Billy has made some changes that lean that way

  3. Sam, I know a lot of people speak on lower ratings for NPK including yourself. But if you really think about it. It should have lower ratings compared to the other shows for one simple fact fans can go to NPK kings no need to watch fans can't buy tickets to the real streets

  4. Considering how much murder nova has spent on the og i'd say there alot of street racing coming,there are alot of ppl that don't do npk ie big chief,jj etc so like u say must be alot of street racing in the future

  5. Billy from SRC bought his nova a long time ago specifically for front end. No prep track stuff, his s10 will be street and back end stuff only.

  6. Look I live in the eastern standard viewing time and I see the show at 8pm and that is 7 pm at Chicago time and one hour earlier each other time zone. It's not that anyone is seeing it earlier it's just how the time zone is and it's kinda sucks for the west coast because they might not even be off work yet when these shows are on. It's not in the prime time slot like it is on the east coast.

  7. Hey sim wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. How awesome to reach such a milestone 👏 and dude it's gonna be insane if we get two hours of the 405 then farmtruck and azn how cool is that and then a bonus on Tuesday it doesn't get any better than that but I have to ask if there trying to show two hours of the 405 show that means it will end quickly so are they really going to use the build show as a filer or are they really going to be doing a small tire type of shootout deal idk but I'm super stoked about this. And also can't wait to see what you have for us my friend as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  8. #TTVE, Hey, Sim Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sorry I haven't been to active on Mondays. Just been watching a little of SO and other shows.
    Far as the time. It's usually 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central. Show comes on. The west cost/Mt time will see the same show 3 hr's later which will be 8 pm local for the west coast time.

  9. Hey Sim Merry Christmas. We on the West Coast see things last. They wait for West Coast prime time to show us. I general watch a east coast Discovery channel so I can see it first.

  10. If you have discovery+ I watched Memphis that come on at 8pm on Mondays but I could watch it at 3am on that same day before it's premiere at 8pm plus I didn't have to watch the commercials. Either way it was while we was still at daylight savings time an hour ahead of everyone else then in the fall we would go an hour back. Shout out to Sim from Kentucky

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