New School vs Old School Camaro Action!

Street Outlaws live event named no prep kings had a small tire class in tulsa, oklahoma. We highlighted a couple of camaros that stem a couple of decades between them. Camaros have been america’s muscle car since the word muscle car was coined. But, the camaro has undergone several changes throughout the years. They went from the infamous three fifty motor that seems to last forever to now six point two liter motors. Its crazy to think about all the technology that the newer cars run with in comparison to the old school. But, does newer actually do better than older cars? In drag racing its a fine line between going fast and being out of control. A well built car can go fast new or old as long as it is setup for high speeds. Check out these two camaros do work on a no prep surface and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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