New Podcast Room Is Completed!!! Swan Talk & Low Blow Will Be HUGE!!

New Podcast Room Is Completed!!! Swan Talk & Low Blow Will Be HUGE!!


Throww me a like if you like throwing stuff!

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Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. I’ve really been liking the podcast. I wasn’t sure if I would but I really enjoyed them. I liked the racing ones with Danny and your Dad the most so far. You did a really good job.
    Side note- I kinda liked the brown blinds

  2. Ha mate, your video's a cool and yes you are growing, but brother don't reap yourself so much, not taking a dig at you, not at all, but I've notes you repeat sentence a few to many times, just say things a couple times not 4 6 times, just giving you a tip, and you need start reading, who is writing message back to, who watch your video's, because I've sent a few and ask a few questions, with no reply, like us here in Australia we watch like many others do, in other countries, by reading your messages, from fans or from your video's, you become to realise, how many people are really interested in what you grow into, then you will get that 100 thousand subscribers, and then the next 100 thousand and so on, just all tips, for you, if you want to grow, keep up the good work 👍😎

  3. I’ve been watching your podcast, great stuff Justin, your mom say kick in the ass, what I love about you boy if you don’t do anything half ass you jump in and get it done. It’s funny you think 58 is cold, It’s a beautiful day here in Montana the sun is shining snow on the ground and it’s a 21° day.

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