New Orleans Streets – DaPullUp (500-1000hp cars)

After the crazy, action-packed first night we experienced on the New Orleans streets, we couldn’t turn down and invite to night 2. With grudge races and a 10 car (street car) shootout, we knew we were in for some more fun.

New Orleans Night 1:

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  1. That turbo 4cyl mustang was most impressive… he is a great driver. The 5.0 late model mustang gt is a great sports car but also is the 4 cylinder turbo ecoboost one also. BITCH WAS MOVING!

  2. I remember around 10 years ago. There was a guy who lived in St. Bernard Parish, that use to race his truck out there. It wasn’t as expensive, or as fast as the other cars. He raced for pinks on night, against a guy with a more expensive and faster car. By the grace of god the kid in that truck won the race. Skip to the next day he goes to claim his new car. That following morning, law enforcement found him in his burnt truck with a gunshot wound to his head.

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