NEW Fang 3-1 Exhaust System – Trident 660 & Tiger 660

Introducing TEC’s brand-new FANG 3-1 exhaust system for Triumph Trident 660 & Tiger 660!

In this video we take you through the full installation process of this lightweight, 304 stainless-steel exhaust, and give it a sound test too.

A Tiger’s fang is almost as defining as it’s stripe.  A symbol of aggression.  Bared when ready to attack.

The Tri-dents means Three-teeth in Latin.

After hundreds of hours of development, the TEC Fang is now ready.

Specifically designed to –

– Make your bike look much better.

– Improve performance.

– Sound fantastic.

– Save a significant amount of weight.

Check it out on the TEC website:

Thanks for watching!
TEC Bike Parts


  1. sounds wonderful.. Glad your back with some new products.. .Any news on a 350 enfield cam?
    I hear Hitchcock is working on one…

  2. Ive been riding a 660 Tiger and the thing I would change is the exhaust. When I get round to buying, I'll added that to the extra's. Thanks for getting it sorted.

  3. You need an S pipe before the can to get the proper length of pipe. Contributes to the power curve and sound quality. Ala Zard and Leo Vince, and other full systems

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