New Crazy Schedule for the Next Two Seasons of No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 57

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  1. It was very cold (hi 40s) at reapers event.Not many fans there maybe a couple 100 at best. Reaper events not getting big attendance, dont know if it's the weather or just not a lot of reaper fans.,,There is no comparison to reapers events and the no prep events attendance. Time will tell i guess

  2. Two seasons of NPK done together basically back to back would be a race of who could keep there cars together and running on such a torturous schedule…..not to mention time away from home and the financial situation it would create. My hats off to anyone who would even attempt it !
    Great video as usual, God bless !

  3. Knew about the first schedule didn't know about the 2nd one. So thanks for the heads up. Shot you a message the other week on Instagram don't know if you got it. But anyways keep up the good work

  4. I’ve been to 4 or 5 NHRA races. And it’s always packed!!! Sometimes standing room only. I’ve also been to NPK. And they don’t quite pack the stands like NHRA.

  5. Pastor Dave from Tampa- Hey little Bro I have been slammed with all kinds of stuff lately! You did a great job on this video, but than again I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU DO LESS THAN THAT, IN FACT, YOU JUST GET BETTER & BETTER! Your video discipline, with your high school responsibility….etc is OFF THE CHART! There are adults that Don't have the discipline you do! One question, and I may be way behind, if so I am sorry in advance! Any word yet on the the 405 new season airing yet????

  6. That just sounds like a lot . For the drivers I just see it as its stressful both mentally and physically. Trying to keep a race car little alone any type of race car in tip top shape. With having spare heads spark plugs and everything else. Just sounds like one big head ake

  7. Sim another great show. I agree that 2 seasons crammed in like that is to much for the cars and especially the families. Yes it’s good for us in the short time but there will be repercussions in the future for the show.
    Again great show keep it up

  8. Just wanted to add a comment about NHRA. I think the reason that NPK now has a bigger following than NHRA is because people can relate to the drivers of NPK more so than NHRA ,the NPK scene is more like the average Joe like us ,NHRA puts them selves up on a pedestal above us and I think that is why people relate more with NPK.

  9. ATTEN !!! Street outlaws. SIM'S going to route 66 I would think you all could get him in free as Your biggest fan and great reporting for your sport, Think of the interviews.. Lets get it done!

  10. Another great video Sim. As always watched it TTVE. I personally think the the NPK people should combine the schedules for the season that was supposed to happen in 2020 and the future season in 2021 but combine the grand prize money for the winner (200k I believe). What are your thoughts on that?

  11. slim respect what you do man you help me get threw the day keep up the good work i can i msg your ig im going thro some hard times and right now you help me brother

  12. I agree I think it's a bad idea to have 2 seasons of NPK back to back cause if some one wrecks and totals their car there won't be enough time to rebuild and come back for the next season. Also with all that NPK racing they would have time to to do and film the regular shows. CYA next time.

  13. It would be very tough to add no prep to an actual NHRA event as the track would totally change. While it while it would be great to see, it would be much easier for NHRA to add a pro 275 or a RVW class and dump pro stock.

  14. NPK kicks off the 2021 season at VMP March 26-27 and I'll definitely be attending. This is ef'n awesome because: 1. Everyone makes the 1st race of the season because, 2. Everyone still has a shot at winning the points race, 3. No-one's car is broken (yet) and, 4. Everyone will have their new cars and engine combos they've been working/sitting on for 1.5 years now. I'll get/send you some exclusive video footage from the race when the time comes Sim…One detail I picked up on in the 187 Custom Reaper Race prep video; Shawn must of done really well at the latest filming in Nebraska, he put 52 passes on the car while up there…another great video buddy, TTVE as always

  15. WOO HOO finally a no prep schedule hopefully the "situation" doesn't screw things up again! I live abut 20 min from Pacific raceway I had tickets for the past summers race. That's awesome you get to go to the finals, so jealous! of course TTVE!😉

  16. Watching this Tues.Dec.1 and saw where Reapers Stacker caught fire and demolished the Reaper and the orange Camaro as well. Tough break for James for sure. 😢☮️😎

  17. Sim please help us find out what's going with Big Chief and Midwest Street Cars, Chief has been inactive for months now and my guess is he might be working on something for NPK. Let's be honest The Crow is fast and Chief has proven he can win races with that 482ci small block but my opinion I think if Chief can build another car, more aerodynamic specifically for NPK with the same combination his running on The Crow he can be a very feared competitor in NPK. Truth be told Chief is a hard worker him having another aerodynamic car for NPK will play a crucial part for him and his team…Thank you

  18. Kamikaze Chris replied to me on one of his video's. He said that everyone was changing to Procharger because the rules for turbo car's has changed and they have to weigh so much now. He said they are stacking an ungodly amount of weight on the turbo car's. He said we will be seeing alot of guys running Prochargers this coming year.

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