New All Girls Street Outlaws Show – Street Race Talk Episode 261

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  1. Hey Sim love the show I think you're getting better all the time hey we know what you mean men like girls ain't nothing wrong with that one thing that really blew my mind was how huge the Slicks are on Birdman's car you could never really tell with a body on it the back tires are huge!

  2. All girl show is stupid, just more social division. It's not a physical activity, so I dont think gender should even be a topic in racing. Either they are in a fast car or not.

  3. Hey Sim, first of all…. Keep doing a great job! Second,do you know that, "GYPSY MIKE" passed away on,12/18/20. West coast legend from, CALIFORNIA…he raced the,405 a couple of years ago. They are not sure,but he might of passed away from a heart attach. R.I.P.
    SIM, saying hello from,SANGER CA.(559) MOPAR 4 LIFE! Awesome show

  4. Dude WTf?? you totally disst the third girl in the series. Molly is JJ's best hustle. He gets her a $500 bet then starts yelling I got $1,000 on the girl. She gapped Yeager… twice.. hard.. First off the trailer in a car possessed.. then in her car. Turn the poor boy into a eunuch..
    She gapped Block
    She gapped high dollar chassis car that precious couldn't beat. Now she can't can't buy race at a armdrop.. Chelsea is legit but needs more seat time.
    Just saying

  5. I don't know if I missed you saying it cuz I was out of the room but apparently you made a mess where there was an episode axe man's wife was driving JJ's Ugly Duckling

  6. The new girls Street Outlaws will be cool I'm sure. You made great points as far as seeing new drivers and cars. The down side is going to be the drama that probably be involved, but I could be wrong. As far as the racing, I'm sure it will be great. There is a lot of really fast girls out there. Tricia, Precious, Kayla, Lizzy, and Tina ect.

  7. OmG! You're totally awesome I was looking for some background information on everything that was happening in the industry and you are the go-to thanks for doing the comments thanks for doing the wrap-up thanks for doing the interviews and thanks for coming out with the what's what about the street outlaws and the fastest in America I appreciate what you do

  8. First….I hope by the number of commercials (every two minutes) that your channel is doing super well….
    All Girls show I believe will go over very well, there is alot of women racers…..

  9. We all know your partial to The 405, but they wouldn't just dominate everyone. It would be alot closer than think. On the street monza, chuck and Lutz aren't #1 cars anymore. DD chief, Ryan are quite are the top teir guys.

  10. Please say it’s not true. It’s no different than trying to watch WNBA Instead of NBA it’s unwatchable. There are very few women that can keep up so they show should not last long kind of like Street outlaws New Orleans one season wonder

  11. I hope this is real. Hell i cant get enough street outlaws. Last year when nothing new was on tv the outlaws was and it saved tv for me anyway. And theres still new episodes.

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