New 3000hp "ETS-G" Build – Gidi's GTR RETURNS

Gidi is BACK in the GTR and teaming up with ETS to chase the world record! The first pass off the trailer in the now 3000hp equipped GTR was a 7.25! It’s insane for a GTR to do numbers like this, but even MORE insane to see a FRESH BUILD throw down like this on its first pass! Gidi says they hope to break the world record at TX2K 19’ and based off this what we’ve seen, we think they may be right! Do you guys think they can do it?

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  1. So when the distance doesn't change, how can a faster time happen driving slower than when a slower time happened when he was going faster

  2. Hol up … that's the same car as Alpha Logic. Love seeing all these news articles talking about how Alpha Logic had this or ETS has that. Gidi's the one who's got it. All these companies are doing is paying to be on his bad ass GTR.

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